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    Our Vegan materials include cotton, canvas, polyurethane (PU) and nylon handbags.


    1. Gently brush off any dirt.
    2. With a clean cloth, cold water and mild soap, gently wipe any dirt.


    1. Be certain to thoroughly test an inconspicuous area prior to actual stain removal to avoid uncontrollable variations in material reaction.
    2. Gently brush off any visible dirt to avoid scratching the material.
    3. With a clean cloth, cold water and a mild soap, gently wipe any spots or remaining dirt with minimal pressure. Never immerse your handbag in water.

    For Nylon Handbags

    All the above steps apply. Once the dirt or stain has been lifted, gently wipe the entire handbag quickly in order to avoid water spots on the fabric. Wrinkles may appear according to use. Wrinkles may be lessened by steaming. Do not iron!

    General Care

    1. We strongly advise that you stuff your Nella Bella handbag when it's not being used. In addition to preserving the shape of the handbag, this also avoids creasing. For best care, pick up rolls of paper and place crunched balls of paper into your handbag so that it is firm but not overfilled.
    2. Your Nella Bella handbag comes with a dust bag. Keep your handbag covered when you are not using it. Dust bags keep out dust and protect your purchase from dust, dirt and any spills.
    3. Airing your Nella Bella bag regularly fights mildew and mould and helps keep the handbag smelling fresh. We recommend monthly airing indoors in a cool, dry place.